Parents Zone

Admission Guidelines

For any student who wishes to join INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL,
the school admission process is laid out in a stepwise manner
  1. Admission of a child in INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL implies on the part of the parents a free will to comply with the requirements and regulations of the school.
  2. Parents are earnestly desired that their child should attend school punctuality. Irregular attendance, unjustifed or unexplained absence, habitual late coming, or objectionable behaviour of any kind on the part of the parent or student may result in the dismissal of the child.
  3. They should take general interest in the child’s progress and check the school diary regularly for any remarks by the Principal or teacher concerned.
  4. Parents are not permitted to meet their child or receive them nor are they to interview teachers during school hours.
  5. No parents, servants, rickshaw puller, drives or friends are permitted to walk about in the school premises or enter class rooms.
  6. Parents should ensure that their child does not go out of station during class day and that they return to school promptly when the school reopens after long holidays.
  7. Parents are expected to attend the meetings and other functions when invited to.
  8. They should see to it that their wards are regular and punctual in attending the school.
  9. They should guide their wards to be gentle in their manners and polite in their speech.
  10. They should send their wards to the school dressed up neat and clean and see to it that their textbooks and exercise books are neat and well maintained.
  11. They should check the notebooks of their wards and insist that their wards are diligent in their wards are diligent in their home works and lessons.